Golden Twigs

Golden Twigs by Aleister Crowley. Edited with an Introduction by Martin P. Starr. Chicago, IL: The Teitan Press, 1988. xv, 151 pp. Illus. Hard Cover (with dust jacket). ISBN-10: 0933429037. ISBN-13: 978-0933429031.
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Golden Twigs by Aleister Crowley.
First collected edition. Black and white portrait frontis.
Printed on acid-free paper, illustrated with a previous unpublished portrait of Crowley by the noted photographer Arnold Genthe.

Inspired by the Golden Bough of Sir J.G. Frazer, this collection of eight short stories retells some of the more colorful and savage motifs chronicled by Frazer, from the story of the Golden Bough and the King of the Wood to the cult of the Asiatic goddess Cybele and its shocking denouement.

Six of the eight stories in this book were originally published pseudonymously in "The International: A Review of Two Worlds" between October 1917 and April 1918. Content: The King of the Wood; The Stone of Cybele; The Oracle of the Corycian Cave; The Burning of Melcarth; The Hearth; The Old Man of the Peepul-Tree; The Mass of Saint Sécaire; and The God of Ibreez.

Green cloth, gilt titleto spine panel and stamped pictorial to front cover.
Hard Cover (with dust Jacket).
Condition: Fine (Fine). Normal wear.