Golden Dawn Source Book - GDS.V02

The Golden Dawn Source Book. Edited with an Introduction by Darcy Kuntz Preface by R.A. Gilbert. Holmes Publishing Group; first edition, 1996. 223 pp. Quality Paperback. Sewn. ISBN-13: 978-1558183310.
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A work long anticipated offers the Early and Later Golden Dawn letters (letters from both the early and later Orders pertinent to these studies), the Sprengel-Westcott Letters, early Golden Dawn Historical Lectures, the Warrant of the Isis-Urania Temple; much other historical material. Included is an introduction and foreword by Mr. Kuntz and a preface by R.A. Gilbert. Articles by Gerald Suster, R.T. Prinke, Ellic Howe, and many others plus a special historical essay prepared especially for this volume by Richard Kaczynski entitled, Daybreak: Early History and Origins of the British Golden Dawn. The first published comprehensive translation of the Golden Dawn mottoes including the heretofore unknown American members.

Golden Dawn Studies No 2.

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